Living out a dream

My name is Nicholas Antonio Manglal-lan, and I’m an aspiring 18-year-old photographer. Figuring out what to do in life is always a daunting idea, and with a mental ticking clock, certainty of one’s path is never guaranteed. Until the summer of 2016, I had no intentions of being a photographer or anything arts related.

Growing up, I was surrounded and consumed by the concepts of business, especially since both of my parents are brilliantly minded in that industry. Never once did I feel pressured to go into business; I naturally excelled in that field and found myself believing that my future was set. I even ended up taking a high skills major before university to continue my business journey. However, when I landed a co-op position in a financial corporation, that’s when it all changed. I found myself hating the corporate lifestyle, and with so much more stirring in my brain, I instantly knew that I was not cut out for this.

With only a little bit left of summer, I picked up on the things I once did for fun but always pushed aside since they were only “hobbies.” That's when my omnipresent passion flowed through me as I picked up a camera. I found that a camera offered me more than I offered it. Within me, a camera arose the desire to go out of the house anytime I could to capture the beauty of the world. It challenged my creativity. It motivated me to do things that I would otherwise never fathom or have reason to do so. A camera taught me life lessons that I am forever grateful for and that I am still learning about to this day. I humbled myself and went through gateways of social interaction I never thought I would come across in my life. I met amazing people and had conversations with them that blew me away when all I needed to do was stay with them for another couple of minutes. My camera is part of me; thus, we will forever remain connected.

I, Nicholas Manglal-lan, am dedicated to using photography to showcase beauty everywhere through everyone and everything. I strive to inspire others and to portray that no matter what obstacles stand in the way, there are always options in life and dead ends never exist.